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LLSMS2104 - Reminder - DL preliminary full paper November 21st

Dear students, I know that many of you are aware of tomorrow's deadline, however, I still send this reminder. Please upload your preliminary full paper for peer review on iCampus in the folder 'Research Project_preliminary full version for peer-rev... Read more »

Research project

Dear students, Just to remind you that the deadline for the first version of your group project (introduction, literature review and methodology _approximately 10-15 pages) is Monday November 3rd. Please upload your work on iCampus in the 'assignmen... Read more »

LLSMS2104 - Assignments

Dear students, First of course, it was again a pleasure doing the course with you, today. Second, I have noted that I had not - as done previously - sent you a reminder on the assignments which apparently has created some confusion. I'm sorry for t... Read more »

Research projects: Questions and Answers session _ Monday 27/10 9.30

Dear students, Just to let you know that I will be available to answer your questions regarding your research projects on Monday morning before the course. This "Q&A" session will take place on Monday at 9.30 in Doyen 31. Please don't hesitate t... Read more »

Session 5_Implementing Sustainable HRM in practice

Background on the course today: McKinsey, 7S Model: See also Porter & Kramer, Shared Value (folder Session 5).  

LLSMS2104 - Guest speaker on 20/10

Dear students, Please make sure that you will attend the course next Monday to hear our guest speaker Lut Van Mossevelde about 'Implementing sustainable HRM'. Your participation in the course will be evaluated. To prepare for Monday, please: Assig... Read more »

Research projects

Dear students, In order to help you with your group research projects, I will have office hours every week on Friday afternoon. Please come and register on the list next to my door (B.305). In the meantime, do not hesitate to exchange your questions... Read more »

LLSMS2104 - Assingment for session 4, 13/10

Dear students, I have become aware that the assignment for Monday has not yet been clearly communicated to you: Please do required readings and assignments before the course. -          Ehnert, 2014, in Ehnert et al. -          Hahn et al., 2014... Read more »

LLSMS2104 - Forums for your questions

Two new forums have been opened today for your questions on 'doing research' and on 'sustainable HRM'.

LLSMS2104 - Guest speaker on 20/10

Dear students, On October 20th, we will welcome Ms. Lut Van Mosservelde as a guest speaker on sustainable HRM implementation about topics such as employee engagement, health, burnout and sustainability values.Assignments for that day will follow soo... Read more »

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