Artificial Intelligence

Yves Deville

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LINGI2261: Artificial Intelligence

2014 – 2015


  • Prof. Yves Deville (
  • Teaching assistants: Cyrille Dejemeppe ( and Jean-Baptiste Mairy (

Reference book

  • Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig "Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach", Third Edition, Prenticel Hall, 2010 (AIMA)


This course presupposes the knowledge of material covered in the two following courses

  • LINGI1101: Discrete mathematics: logical foundations of computing science
  • LSINF1121: Algorithmics and data structures

Students who did not follow these courses should ask permission to the instructor to follow the class.





  Lecture AIMA book Deadline


   ch. 1, 2    
S2   Search   ch. 3.1–3.4    
S3   Informed search   ch. 3.5–3.6    
S4   Local search   ch. 4.1    Assignment 1
S5   no class        
S6   Adversarial search   ch. 5     Assignment 2
S7   Constraint satisfaction problems   ch. 6    
S8   Logical agents   ch. 7    
S9   First-order logic and inference   ch. 8, 9    
S10   Planning   ch. 10, 11     Assignment 3
S11   Learning from examples   ch. 18.1–18.3, 18.10    
S12   Philosophical foundations & Present and future of AI    ch. 26, 27    Assignment 4
S13   AI Game contest        




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No title

Assignment 3: Zombies framework  Dear students, Some of you seemed to have problem while trying to run the zombies framework. An updated version of the framework has been updated and should now run on any OS (including Windows). Please use this ver... Read more »

No title

Assignment 3: Mid-Project Session Dear students, On Thursday, at 9.30am in Barb01 will be held a mid-project session for the 3rd assignment. During this session, we will give you the feedack of the second assignment. Additionally, we will discuss s... Read more »

Assignment 3: basic alpha player

Dear students,   you have to submit your basic alpha beta player on INGInious by Wednesday 5 November 2014 at 6 p.m. This is the only submission you have to make by Wednesday 5 November. The report for Assignment 3 is due on Wednesday 19 November. 

Assignment 2: submission on INGInious

Dear students, as you may have noticed, INGInious encountered technical problems this afternoon. Everything should now be up and running again. We however extended the deadline for the submission of the code: you can submit your solutions online unt... Read more »

No other available auditorium...

Dear AI students,    Our auditorium (BA01) is slightly too small.  As discussed last week, I asked for another larger auditorium.  Unfortunately,  no larger auditorium is available at this time slot.  We'll thus have to continue our classl in BA01. ... Read more »

Group Composition & Logins for INGInious

Dear AI students, Don't forget to send us an email with the composition of your groups if it is not already done. Once you sent us your group composition, you have to come to our office (Réaumur A337.10) in order to get the login and password for yo... Read more »

Logins for INGInious

Dear AI students, The logins / passwords for the assignments submission on INGInious will be distributed at the Python introduction, friday 26  September, 13:00-14:00 (BA01).  Regards, JB Mairy

Introduction to Python

Dear AI students,   There will be a short introduction to Python, the programming language that you will be using in this AI class, Friday 26  September, 13:00-14:00 (BA01). Regards, Yves Deville

No title

Dear AI students,   The first class of LINGI2261 Artificial Intelligence is schedule this Thursday 19 September, 8:30 (BA01). The first class will be an introduction to the Python programming language, and will be given by Pierre Reinbold. Python w... Read more »

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